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Search Engine Optimization

Sitemap Generation/Submission A sitemap combines the data of all the pages of your website into one full page of content. Literally a road map of sorts, explaining where certain pages are categorized and where they're going. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on your site.

In this monthly service we will generate and provide your sitemap to both the Google and Bing Search Engines. With updating and submitting your sitemap each month this will allow search engines to obtain accurate information about your website, as well as let them know to scan your website again.

Monthly Report Generation When a site first goes through our on-page SEO process we generate a ranking report of all keyword phrases that were provided. This allows us to have a base line reference point so we can track how well the keyword phrases are ranking in the Google and Bing Search Engines. This process also helps to determine if the keywords are serving you as well as they should.

We also provide you with Analytic reports which gives you the basic ranking information about your site, such as how high the bounce rate is, how much traffic is flowing to the site, where the traffic is coming from and which search phrases are bringing people to your site. Knowing what search phrases people are using to find your website helps to solidify where your keyword focus should be and then allows us to provide you with a better SEO service.

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